Bend Acrobatic Academy was created to fulfill a need for acrobatic training opportunities in Winnipeg and not become an overly competitive endeavour. However, BAA can offer competitive acro dance experiences for students of a certain level who desire to attend dance competitions. 

If you are a BAA student as well as a competitive dancer at a studio, Melanie is willing to choreograph solos, duos, trios, and groups for students to compete with their current dance school at the competitions they are already planning to attend. All dance schools have their own policies when it comes to outside choreographers, please consult with your dance school first if you are interested in Melanie for guest choreography. 

For BAA students who are not competitive dancers at a studio but would like the opportunity to compete, Melanie can enter competitive entries under Bend Acrobatic Academy in local or travel competitions. 

Communicate your interests in choreography & competition opportunities to Melanie early to ensure there is enough time to prepare & submit entries. For choreography rates please email

Past Choreography

Here’s a look at some of Melanie’s past choreography, a little highlight reel of some of her favourite pieces. Melanie strives to create Acro dance pieces that entertain, showcase the dancers, and integrate dance and acrobatics as seamlessly as possible. All the thanks and credit to the fantastic dancers in these videos for making the choreography come to life!

For choreography inquiries and rates please visit the contact page and send Melanie an email.

Heaven Is A Place On Earth – Acro Small Group (ages 13-15)
Choreography by Melanie Botelho-Urbanski
Video from MOVE Dance Competition, March 2019, Winnipeg MB (Marquis Dance Academy)

This routine is one I had in my head for YEARS before it ever graced the stage! These dancers balanced softness, strength, power, and grace and showed everyone how beautiful Acro can be and made me so proud!

Balance – Acro Large Group (ages 10-15)
Choreography by Melanie Botelho-Urbanski
Video from VIEW Dance Challenge 2019, Winnipeg MB (Marquis Dance Academy)

This group was inspired by the Chinese philosophy of ying & yang and how opposite forces are interdependent and complimentary to each other. This routine turned out so dynamic & is forever a favourite of mine. For several of the dancers in this routine this was their first EVER competitive acro group. Great memories!

Holding Out For a Hero – Acro Large Group (ages 9-12)
Choreography by Melanie Botelho-Urbanski
Video from Masquerade Dance Competition 2015, Minneapolis MN (Magic N Motion Studio)

This group was one of the first competition routines I ever choreographed. These super kids were so keen to work hard in acro & were always striving for more. This routine was so much fun and was a total crowd pleaser every time it was performed!