One more thing to look forward to this holiday season, WINTER ACRO WORKSHOPS! 

Workshop #1 – 9:00-11:00, Ages 8-11 (Novice/Intermediate Level), $30 + GST

In this 2 hour workshop, students will spend the first hour on conditioning, strength, and flexibility followed by 30 minutes of balances and 30 minutes of tumbling. Prepare for a jam-packed 2 hours of acro goodness! This workshop is best suited for students with prior acro experience who are working around an Acrobatic Arts level 3 or higher. Students should be comfortable with their 1 hand cartwheels, bridge from standing & recover, bridge kick over or back walkover, and have an overall good sense of their acro fundamentals to get the most out of this workshop.

Workshop #2 – 11:30-2:30, Ages 11+ (Advanced), $45 + GST

This 3 hour workshop is a deep dive into advanced acro! Our first hour will be spent on conditioning, strength, and flexibility. We’ll spend 30 minutes on balances, 1 hour on tumbling, and the last 30 minutes on partner work. Students will work exclusively with 1-2 partners to limit touching. If a student isn’t comfortable with participating in partner work they can opt out of the last 30 minutes of the workshop. This workshop is best suited for students working around an Acrobatic Arts level 7 or higher. Students should have or be very close to having their side aerial & back handspring and able to consistently hold balances like handstands, forearm stands, and chest stands. Strong body awareness & understanding of square hips & alignment are a must when working at this level. 

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* Please note students will be required to wear masks throughout the workshops. Students 12-17 years old will need to show proof of vaccination against Covid-19 (minimum 1 dose) or a negative test within 72 hours of the workshop. Students ages 18+ are required to provide proof of full vaccination.